Thursday, February 10, 2011

Honey?........ Did you buy a fighter jet?

When I first heard this story I thought "Could you picture opening your credit card statement and seeing a purchase for a fighter jet?"

Not that I personally know anyone with that kind of credit limit but that is what I pictured, someone's wife standing there with the statement in hand yelling down the hall to her hubby asking him "Honey? Did you buy a fighter jet?"

A very eager seven-year-old London boy almost bought his very own real-life Harrier fighter jet on eBay for £69,999 ($113,515) last week.

The British-built Harrier jump jet was for sale on the site -- but for a fixed price instead of an auction.

A youngster hit the "buy it now" button to purchase the restored fighter jet,when his father realized what had happened he called the sellers, Jet Art Aviation to quickly apologize and tell them his son was not able to buy the aircraft out of his pocket money.

"His dad rang up and profusely apologized to us, so it's still for sale. We've put it on as an auction now so that won't happen again," said a spokeswoman for Jet Art Aviation, of Bradford, central England, which is selling the Harrier.

Turns out the attention generated by the boy's bid has lead to a lot of interest in this jet.

"The auction has since received considerable interest with the bids rolling in," Chris Wilson of Jet Art Aviation Ltd said in an email Wednesday.

"We have currently had over 80 bids from 59 different bidders," Wilson said. "In a way the 7-year-old did us a big favor with the re-listed jet having received over 120,000 hits since Friday and generating considerably more interest than we expected."

The British-built jet was integral to the nation's arsenal in the Falklands War, but the government put the elite fighting machines out of service in 1997.

Wilson said jets were often bought for public collections but added that he recently sold a similar jet to a private collector in Greece.

"For legal reasons we are not allowed to sell a functioning jet but it could be a working jet again at a significant cost. It would cost millions of pounds to make it air worthy again" Wilson said, adding that it was one of only six of its kind to remain in the world.

He said the jet could be shipped and reassembled at the buyer's expense, either within Britain or internationally.


  1. Lol. Who gave that kid a credit card?

  2. I really wish I could say "Yes, yes I did".

  3. they should make it fly again and put some missles in it

    following n supporting, reliable

  4. you can just imagine it being delivered...

  5. BRB flying to war.

  6. that would have been an AWESOME Father's Day gift though.

  7. Dude, imagine that parked in your front yard.

    Haha, good blog. I'll be following

  8. I once saw 1million diamond ring with shipping charge for 2$ in
    This one is much more funnier than tht:)

  9. I feel like I ought to do this to my wife just to see what happens. XD

  10. That would be awesome to buy if you could fly it. New follower.

  11. haha
    that kid is a boss!

  12. nevermind that the kid thought he could actually buy the thing, but there are fighter jets being sold on ebay? that blows my mind just a bit more.

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