Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Aliens are Coming!!

20,000 people have gathered around a mountain in Bugarach,France awaiting the emergence of Aliens who they believe have been living inside the top of the mountain. Apparently these aliens are from Lemuria and Atlantis and have been there since ancient times in aquatic spaceships waiting for our planets doomsday on December 21,2012 when they will emerge and rescue the people that have gathered at the base of this mountain. The population of this small town is only 189 people, now over run with 20,000 cultists who come December will either be beamed to safety by these aliens while the rest of us parish or they will be standing there on December 22 feeling a bit...well ...stupid.
On a more serious note, hopefully there won't be 20,000 dead people at the base of that mountain come the 22nd. Like what happened with the Heavens Gate cult.


  1. wow didn't know about this...personally I could well believe most French people were from another planet

  2. So the Mayans foretold of French aliens from the Lost City of Atlantis destroying the world? History is so confusing.

  3. I remember the Heavens Gate fiasco when I was a kid. I wondered how people could be so easily mislead, so blind to the obvious, so pathetically/tragically simple minded...then I grew up. Stupidity, Earth's greatest export.