Thursday, September 6, 2012

Math Doesn't Lie...But They Do.

When the facts are what they are. It makes you ask the question. Why DOES the GOP and it's base HATE Democrats (i.e~liberals, progressives, socialists, free thinkers, pick a label ect.) so much? And they wonder why most of us end up coming to the conclusion that they are just bigoted, racist, ideologues. I think it is time for the Gop and their base to stop hiding behind their bible, or gun control or their so called family values and admit they don't like people who have any tolerance for others outside their own race, gay people, environmentalists, people outside their religious stance, pro choice people any one that does not fall in a straight line with themselves.
And every race has it's bigots but it seems the GOP has cornered the market with Anglo Saxon ideals at the for front. But yet will swear on that bible(which the bible tells us to NEVER do) that they don't hate people of different race, the poor, gay people ect. and claiming it is just that they follow what God tells them in the bible... Well the bible tells us earthly wealth is evil and yet they are always the wealthiest of us all.
The numbers do not lie...but yet they do and their base desperately strains to believe them...even when the numbers don't back them up EVER...So YEA the only conclusion I am able to make is that they are just bigoted bitter religious money hoarders and the base that follows them doesn't care about numbers. For what ever reason they look to hear the hate, they choose to be ignorant to facts and math if it means agreeing with a Democrat. That became obvious during the healthcare debate. in the same. I am not afraid to read a non fiction book or look up a Bill in the house and see for myself what it entails...maybe because I'm not looking to read or hear something that just agrees with my "views" I like facts, whether they prove me wrong or right I like them....why don't they?


  1. It's politics and it depresses me and because it's American I can't do anything about it either!

  2. It depresses me too...very much.

  3. Maybe I'd vote for o'er-the-Hillary if she wasn't such a #@!!☆ LIAR... or if she didn't passively watch while Chris Stevens was being killed... or how she'll take this country down, down, down the wong path as she's controlled like a puppet by the Illuminati... or if she wasn't for massive killing of our babies... or if she woodn't let thousands upon thousands upon thousands of queers who wanna kill U.S. in like the queer she is...

    Maybe that's why. Y'think?????

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    1. '(dont be stupid) and progressive like lung cancer' -Alex Jones