Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On a more serious note...It's voting season. Don't let your vote be suppressed.

Combating voter suppression Thanks go out to : Larry Friedman
With a mere 6 weeks left till the General Election, the Republican establishment, aided and abetted by FOX news, Rush Limbaugh, Karl Rove, the Tea Party, and in particular, Koch Brothers money, are engaging in a blatant attempt to suppress millions of votes across the country. This is the most egregious example of blocking voting (in particular non-white, non-Christian, elderly, disabled, vets and student voters) since the 1964 election. A lot of this is also aided by True The Vote, a completely bogus organization whose sole purpose is to block as many votes as possible. They are trying to attract up to one million people scattered across polling locations everywhere in the country to stop people from voting. I made several attempts to contact Al Sharpton and Rachel Maddow regarding an idea I had regarding having vans, trucks and busses available to take people, particularly in rural areas across the country to make sure they have proper ID, including having these vehicles taken directly to people’s homes with portable ID devices so that they too can have the needed photo ID’s to vote. However, time is running out, and if we can still have people act on the above idea, perfect. But what is needed to keep the Republicans from stealing the 2012 election are the following things: 1) Anyone who belongs to one of the targeted demographics for voter suppression should NOT show up at the polls alone. Since there has to be at least one unbiased witness should voter suppression occur, people should vote together in groups of two or larger. Each team should have at least on working cell phone between them to contact an attorney, the NAACP, MALDEF, a voting rights group or at least a family member, friend or neighbor. Here, it is essential for people to coordinate with their local churches, mosques and synagogues. If several dozen (or even hundred) people show up en masse in busses and car pools, this too will go a long way in making sure targeted individuals can have free and unfettered access to their polling locations. People need to start communicating with any of these entities they are connected to so they are aware of this situation and can respond in kind. 2) If voter suppression does indeed occur, those who are blocked from voting need to write down the polling location, get the name(s) of those who blocked them and state up front that they were planning on voting for Obama. Although this is not a general practice of stating your voting preference as this is protected by the constitution, these are unusual circumstances and the voting preference needs to be stated up front by any individual who is barred from exercising their constitutional right to vote. Then either later that day or the following day, this incident should be forwarded DIRECTLY to Attorney General Eric Holder. If Romney gets even as much as one tenth of a percent over the 50% mark, then this election was stolen and the justice department needs to conduct a very rapid and very thorough investigation since it is practically guaranteed that Obama won the election legally and outright. This will NOT be a repeat of the 2000 election. This is the single most important issue of our time. EVERYTHING ELSE pales in comparison. It’s just that serious. We CANNOT let the Republicans steal this election right under our noses. We will no longer deserve to be taken seriously as a democracy to the rest of the world if it does occur. Please disseminate the contents of this essay to anyone who can help save the soul of our country.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Math Doesn't Lie...But They Do.

When the facts are what they are. It makes you ask the question. Why DOES the GOP and it's base HATE Democrats (i.e~liberals, progressives, socialists, free thinkers, pick a label ect.) so much? And they wonder why most of us end up coming to the conclusion that they are just bigoted, racist, ideologues. I think it is time for the Gop and their base to stop hiding behind their bible, or gun control or their so called family values and admit they don't like people who have any tolerance for others outside their own race, gay people, environmentalists, people outside their religious stance, pro choice people any one that does not fall in a straight line with themselves.
And every race has it's bigots but it seems the GOP has cornered the market with Anglo Saxon ideals at the for front. But yet will swear on that bible(which the bible tells us to NEVER do) that they don't hate people of different race, the poor, gay people ect. and claiming it is just that they follow what God tells them in the bible... Well the bible tells us earthly wealth is evil and yet they are always the wealthiest of us all.
The numbers do not lie...but yet they do and their base desperately strains to believe them...even when the numbers don't back them up EVER...So YEA the only conclusion I am able to make is that they are just bigoted bitter religious money hoarders and the base that follows them doesn't care about numbers. For what ever reason they look to hear the hate, they choose to be ignorant to facts and math if it means agreeing with a Democrat. That became obvious during the healthcare debate. in the same. I am not afraid to read a non fiction book or look up a Bill in the house and see for myself what it entails...maybe because I'm not looking to read or hear something that just agrees with my "views" I like facts, whether they prove me wrong or right I like them....why don't they?

Friday, April 13, 2012

Like Father, Like Son...He just couldn't get it up either.

North Korea state media acknowledged today that the long-range test rocket that the country launched in defiance of much of the world failed to enter orbit. The 90-ton rocket launched at 6:39 p.m. ET Thursday, but 81 seconds into the launch the U.S. detected a substantially larger than expected flare and by 10 minutes after launch, the rocket was no longer on several radar screens, U.S. officials said.
South Korea's Yonhap News Agency reports, "the Unha-3 rocket exploded in just one to two minutes after lift-off at 7:39 a.m. [local time] and disintegrated into about 20 pieces as it crashed into international waters off South Korea's west coast, according to South Korea's Defense Ministry." The U.S., Japan and other nations, including Russia, were quick to condemn North Korea's decision to fire the missile. They had called for the North to suspend any such action. On Morning Edition, Louisa reported that because the rocket's failure is perhaps the most embarrassing moment in the North's history, new leader Kim Jong Un and others in the hierarchy will likely be looking for other ways to show their strength. "In South Korea," Louisa says, "a defense ministry official warned parliament that the possibility of a nuclear test – North Korea's third — or of other provocations is very high. And Peter Beck from the Asia Foundation in Seoul agrees that this failure is likely to make Pyongyang more belligerent." North Korea must prove to the world "that it can move forward unimpeded despite this failure," Beck says. "I think we're entering into a new era of provocation by the North because it's been so embarrassed in front of the international community."