Thursday, December 23, 2010

The hangovers must have been a real bitch.

The video quality isn't great. But it's still funny

He's gonna report this to his superiors in the morning you cops better watch out!

You actually can't help but like this little old guy.

This could be fake, or he's a really happy drunk.

He should of just listened the first time.


  1. I knew a guy once that accidentally called the breathalyzer a blow job (he was drunk not gay - or so he said)and offered the cop one. The cop looked horrified and told him to get lost.

  2. haha... the old drunkard had me rollin'. too funny.

  3. @buckaroo wait, so did he get out of a ticket? or did he still get fucked on haha

  4. All they had to do is scratch the poor guys nuts..

  5. LOL HAHAHAHAHA These are hilarious! Man, I love drunk people. I have a friend that started talking about saving whales and how we should just pick up all the whales and put them in giant fish tanks. Then he turned to this other girl and said that we should put her in a big fish tank :D

  6. lol, drunk people xD
    this is way you should smoke weed

  7. these videos make me want to drink...